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Was this a sign?

What's it all about??


Sometimes in life you get to a place where you are a little lost and feel in need of a little direction. I have often been in such a place and have usually waited for life to give me some sort of sign, to point me in a new direction.

A few months ago I was in such a situation. I live in a beautiful place, right on the beach and take my beautiful dog Zack for a few walks at least twice a day, along the beach. Some days I wear a pair of water shoes, so we can walk in the water and it reduces the impact of the hard sand on my knee.

On this particular day I was wearing my favourite new white beach shoes. As we were splashing around in the water in a crystal clear rock pool, I felt myself starting to sink, as in quicksand. As i began to sink I couldn’t pull my feet and shoes out of the sand. I was starting to lose my balance and as I had keys and my mobile in my pocket, I couldn’t afford to fall in the water. I slipped my feet out of my shoes and then leant over to retrieve the shoes from the sand. It was literally a moment in time. I found one shoe easily but the other had completely disappeared. It seemed impossible. It was a clear tidal pool and I had only been maybe 8″ under the sand. I searched for hours, up and down the beach in the way the tide was going,to no avail. No sign of my shoe.

It became a matter of principle. Every morning and every night, I searched all the sand hills and rocks along the foreshore for that shoe. I had the other one sitting in my lounge room, like a symbol of everything that was wrong in my life at that time. It became a talking point and everyone laughed at my optimism in thinking there was any chance I would ever find that other shoe.

For 6 weeks I looked for that shoe, then one Friday morning I saw the other one sitting sadly alone in my lounge room and made  the decision to stop being such a Pollyanna and throw it out, along with my optimism. Friday was garbage day.

As Zack and I went for our walk that morning, he decided to have an explore in the sandhills. Believe it or not there was my shoe. It was yellowed and beaten up by its obvious adventures out at sea. It was in a place where we had looked every day, sitting there in all it’s glory, on the very day I had thrown the other one out and the garbage had already been collected so it was unsalvageable

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Was it a good sign or a bad sign? I had been looking for life to give me a sign, but what did this mean?

  • Don’t give up so easily???
  • Life is pointless and random
  • You just have to laugh

I can remember being in Europe with my Mum some years ago, when she was very frustrated by the signs “Toute Directions’ where each arrow pointed to Paris. She used to scream every time she saw this sign. Which way she would say? It says every way goes to Paris.

This was how finding my shoe felt. How lucky to find it after 6 weeks obviously at sea. How unlucky to find it on the very day I had given up hope and chosen to throw the other one out.

If nothing else it has made a good dining out story that has made people laugh and wonder…… what’s it all about??





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2 Comments on Was this a sign?

  1. Rod Stringer // October 28, 2014 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    This is very funny

  2. There are only ever good signs and luck is something which is always good, just like you (except when your bad ;))

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