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Follow up on Violence against Women

It seems like my article on Violence against women was very timely and quite the topic of conversation given the tirade last night on Chanel 10’s THE PROJECT by Waleed Aly.


I almost felt he had read my article as he quoted many of the same disgraceful statistics. It seems with the budget though, all of his cries fell on dead ears, as have the many thousands of articles on the same topic over the years. There was no more money in the budget for the victims or education programs for the potential victims and perpetrators. 

As I read through the thousands of responses on face book to his emotional tirade it never ceases to amaze me how many men pipe up with the “what about men?, we are abused too.”  argument. I hate this so much, as it again makes this socially destructive behavior a battle of the sexes, as opposed to something we all need to address. Whilst there are many men out there who do suffer in relationships, the statistics are just not there to support it as an equal argument. 

I thought it was great he highlighted the report from Fair Agenda, highlighting the statistics that show how critical front-line services are simply not getting enough or any funding at all. The phone lines and shelters run by charities are constantly turning away women and children at risk. 

I have often heard the comment “why don’t they just leave” but when you have kids and no place to go it makes the decision to leave all that much harder.

Everywhere you look in today’s society shows that women are not valued equally in sports, the workplace, equal pay, religions and on and on. But that is reflected in how we think of ourselves as well? Until women are prepared to start to take a stand and stop judging each other and men are prepared to STOP saying ‘what about us’ and really own up to their contribution to this problem, and both DEMAND action from our governments, then we will all continue on this merry-go-round of inaction and finger pointing.

As in my earlier article, I believe women must be part of the solution.   

Sign the petition to join the campaign for what it will take.

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