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The other day I got this letter from Boonrod and it brought me to tears. I had donated and also signed the petition to stop these barbarians.  See what you think.  

Dear Carmel

They called me Boonrod, because it means ‘survivor’ in Thai. Carmel, because of you, I’m the luckiest dog in Thailand!

I wanted to tell you my story, so you know what a big difference you made when you signed Soi Dog’s petition to Thailand’s Prime Minister.

When I was a puppy I lived with a nice family. I never knew how bad people could be until those very bad men grabbed me.


They tied up my legs and squashed me into an awful metal cage with lots of other dogs. We were all scared and hurting and whimpering. Then things got even worse.

The men took us to a terrible, terrible place. Dogs like me were hanging from the roof without their skins. I was so afraid. One man had a knife, and he smelt like fear and death.

Every day that man took more dogs from their cages. I wish I could forget the sounds they made.

The dogs cried and whelped until they went quiet forever.

When the knife man came for me, there were only a few of us left. I was so frightened that I was shivering.

But then something amazing happened – good people came running into the shelter and saved me! They held the knife man and then they opened my cage and untied my legs.  

Some of them were people from Soi Dog. I was scared they would do more bad things to me. But they stroked me, and said things to me in soft, kind voices, so I knew they must be OK.

They took me back to a shelter, where every day people pat me and are kind to me. The people here give me a roof over my head, yummy meals, and all the water I need. Sometimes the vets check on me, but they are very gentle.


I’m still pretty scared of people I don’t know. But I’m starting to think that most people are good again. Perhaps one day I’ll even find another family like I used to have.

Feeling safe is the best thing. Carmel, if you hadn’t cared so much, things would have been very different for me. The knife man would have hurt me terribly until I was dead.

Because of you, that man will also be punished for the cruel and horrible things he did to my friends. I hope they put him in a tiny cage forever and tie up his legs.

Thank you for changing my life.

Sniffs and licks,
Your friend Boonrod

Thousands of dogs like Boonrod have been rescued from this barbaric trade. Will you please CLICK THIS LINK to help care for them?

I realise this is blatant emotional blackmail but sometimes that is what it takes to move people. It certainly moved me.

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