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Being a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother

I want to be " a lady with a lot of babies".

Aviary Photo_130567916096028362 My Daughter asked me to write this article about what is FEELS like to be a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, so here is my best attempt. Being a mother to me was my Career choice. When I was a very young girl my relatives would ask me what I was going  to be when I grew up. My answer was always ” a lady with a lot of babies”. I think I have been successful, as with 5 children, 10 Grandchildren and at this stage 3 Great Grandchildren and one on the way, I think I have done a good job. I am success. A Mother From being babies to going to school, I loved being with my children. School holidays were my favourite time. I think, looking back through all the stages of them growing up,

  • when they were little was the easiest time. You were in charge and they loved you unconditionally, as you did them. Life was mostly about learning and having fun.
  • Adolescence was a little different and more of a challenge. Teenagers, well now, they are finding their own voice and not listening to yours. This is a little harder.
  • Grown up! Well now, as a Mum to 5 great kids, all of them, this is the hardest time of all. This is a time of often not agreeing with some of their life decisions, but always trying to be there when they choose badly and have to pay consequences for the bad choices. You try not to judge, just be there. To love them no matter what. This is the phase where I have lost the most sleep, worrying about them all.

A Grandmother Oh how I have loved this time of my life. At this time my kids were either by choice or necessity, not blessed with being stay at home Mums. So as each child was born, I was filled with the joy of my childhood dream of being a lady with babies, all over again.  I just love babies. As the key babysitter, I got to be with and watch most of my grandchildren grow up, like I did my children. I loved it. I have enjoyed watching them all grown into the beautiful people they are today. I am known to most of the world these days as NANNA.  Some of them now have babies of their own and I am so proud to have had such a major part in their growing up years. Sometimes it makes me sad that I am not such a big part of their lives anymore. I worry about them as nearly as much as my kids. A Great Grandmother This is the easiest role so far. I get to love these dear little people without having to babysit. Believe me, at nearly 80 that is a big relief 🙂 . I just get to play with them and love them. I hope I am around long enough to also see them grow up. I know that for any Mum who reads this article, they will feel the same as I do. When it is my time to go, and I close my eyes for the last time, I will go, knowing I am loved and respected by each and every one of them and they will remember me always, kindly and with love.  Who could ask for anything more??? Hopefully it is still some time away.  I am Blessed mother  

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  1. This is a lovely article

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