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Jerry Mouse is gone – I am traumatised

deadjerryJerry Mouse is now gone and I have been left completely traumatised. After announcing his presence with the Tim Tam heist a few nights ago, I left the trap out for him, but he seemed to have learned how to get the food without setting off the trap. 2 nights ago I heard the rustle in the kitchen and went in and turned on the light and he escaped through the hole in the screen to the kitchen window.

So, over his little visits, I went to the supermarket yesterday and brought 2 more different traps. I baited them with peanut butter as suggested on the pack and put them on the kitchen ledge where I had seen Jerry the night before. At midnight I heard lots of clanging and crashing in the kitchen, so got up to investigate. Sure enough, there was poor Jerry, caught in the trap by the leg, and he and the trap had fallen in the kitchen sink and he was thrashing around trying to escape. OMG, what to do. I thought about taking him across the road to the park and setting him free, but he was injured, and I thought that would be cruel. So I put him and the trap in a bag and hit it until I was sure he was dead, sobbing the whole time. I then went out and threw it all in the bin.

I went back to bed traumatised and couldn’t get to sleep for ages. I hope so much there are no more, as I don’t think I could go through it again. Besides I can think of no more mouse names.

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