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Jerry mouse – you slippery little sucker

jerry1Well I thought I had Jerry beat, and with the sad demise of Minnie & Mickey, that he had the message, “This place is dangerous“. Unfortunately he had just gone off for a few days, to seemingly devise a cunning plan. This plan seems to have included being able to get the food without setting off the trap.

I realised he had visited yesterday morning, when I found little nibbles along the edge of a Tim Tam, in a packet that I had accidentally left out on the bench. This was probably due to the fact, that I had become complacent since the previous murders. Anyway the little nibble marks were unmistakable. I am sorry, animal lover that I am, NO-ONE touches my Tim Tams. So last night I left a bit of Tim-Tam (only the one he had already nibbled) 🙂 , in the dreaded Trap. Wjerry2hen I got up this morning the Tim Tam was gone, but no mouse in the trap. Slippery little sucker had somehow worked out how to get the food without dying. I will try again tonight making sure the food is well inside the trap.  Jerry, sorry but you have messed with the wrong girl and I hope your days are numbered.

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2 Comments on Jerry mouse – you slippery little sucker

  1. LOL!! Little bugger! My mom has a mouse now, too – he has been nibbling at her chocolate-raspberry bar that she left on top of a tin…she moved it, and then the MOUSE moved it, too! Yet she can’t see any droppings anywhere, or figure out where it is “nesting”. She hears it in the walls, though – I suggested maybe it dwells under the dishwasher. She said, “I need a new dishwasher anyway, so I’ll just get one – that way I can see what’s under there.” I reminded her that he won’t be sitting there looking at her when the old one gets pulled out – and that she’d still need to figure out how to catch it…

    We laughed out loud….Mouse in the House? Time for a New Dishwasher! LOL!!

  2. Hello Carmel, oh that little creature, before you set a trap, please talk to the little bugger, tell him, when you leave now, you will live, otherwise I will set a trap for you tomorrow, give him a choice:) I talk to spiders as well, when you do not leave before tomorrow, then you will end up in the vacuumcleaner, Loes

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