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I have always investigated every place I have EVER brought a pup. I must admit I did buy my gorgeous boy Zack above who is saying good morning to me here, from a Pet Shop but I did investigate them first. Now if I ever get another dog I will unquestionably get a rescue dog from one of the various rescue sites.

Every day on Facebook I get posts from the US Animal Rescue site that bring me to tears and make me donate eve if I am broke. It unfortunately doesn’t give me much faith in the human who can be so cruel. I know I post mostly about Violence against Women but Violence against Animals makes me even angrier for some reason. It is just that they really are Helpless and the love us and give back to us so much.  

By joining the call for legislation to close them down, you’re helping to ensure that dogs are spared the horror of being turned into breeding slaves by cruel profiteers.

Show that animals matter to you. Click on the Link below this picture. You don’t have to donate although that would be good and they even send you a free key ring that shows you are a supporter

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