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Who said Pigs can’t Fly?


Two years on, what has Australia's biggest campaign against factory farming achieved?

I am constantly telling people the place where we have the greatest power to change things in the world is either in the Super Market aisle or wherever else we spend our almighty hard-earned $’s.

We have far more power here and on Social Media than we EVER get with our Vote at an Election.

Below is an excerpt from Australian Animals.Org showing how successful that campaign has been in changing both the way people Buy and the way people sell. So when you think you have NO POWER  to change things then just read the article below or go to the site

Please read this. We spend our lives blaming governments and others for things and don’t take action because we think “I am just one person, one voice”. But together we make a LOUD NOISE and with our dollar we can make major changes. All it takes is just to THINK when you are shopping. 

Animals MATTER too.

You decide. Allow us to present the 2014 Make it Possible report card — or — ten ways a little flying pig is changing the world:

MIP flying piglet reaching hearts and minds1 Hearts and minds reached

Hundreds of thousands of people reacted to the Make it Possible film by signing a personal pledge: to never buy factory-farmed products, to reduce consumption of animal products, or to go meat-free — for animals!

Coles pledges to only stock cage-free home brand eggsColes responds immediately

Supermarket giant Coles responds to the launch of Make it Possible with a landmark announcement: Coles will no longer sell home brand cage eggs or pork products from suppliers who confine mother pigs in pregnant sow crates.

Woolworths pledges to only sow stall free pork and commits to phasing out ALL cage-free eggs3. Woolworths takes things a step further

Woolworths one-ups Coles by matching their ban on the use of pregnant sow crates, and committing to phase out all cage eggs from sale! Woolies ACT is already 100% cage-egg-free!

Woolworths pledges to only sow stall free pork and commits to phasing out ALL cage-free eggs4. Independent retailers make an Australian-first

Inspired by our campaign to free hens from cages, Quinton’s SUPA IGA becomes the first in Australia to announce they are pulling all factory-farmed eggs — both cage and barn — from its shelves! Other leading IGAs quickly follow their lead. Soon after, the iconic South Melbourne Market makes the same commitment.

ACT bans sow stalls, battery cages and 'debeaking'The ACT does something amazing

An ACT Greens bill becomes the first anti-factory farming legislation to be passed into law. Our nation’s capital has become the first jurisdiction in Australia where many of the cruellest factory farming practices are now illegal — including confining pregnant mother pigs in tiny crates, confining hens in battery cages, and ‘debeaking’ baby chicks.

Macca's commits to stop using cage eggsMacca’s loses its appetite for cage eggs

Rising consumer awareness and three months of intensive campaigning sees the fast food industry’s biggest egg user — McDonald’s Australia — committing to end its support of battery cages. And the little viral video that tipped them over is as heartwarming as it is powerful.

Subway commits to end their use of cage eggs7. Subway backs away from battery cages

Subway, with 1,400 stores nationally, becomes the next fast food giant to follow the trend set by McDonald’s and major retailers, announcing a complete phase out of cage eggs over the next 12-18 months.

Aussie's embrace cage free workplaces!Thousands of Aussie workplaces become kinder for hens

Over 2,000 Australians sign up on behalf of their workplaces to help make their office / daycare centre / university / school / clinic / hospital / building site — you name it — a workplace that refuses to support the cruelty of battery cages.

Roy Morgan research reveals fewer people are purchasing factory-farmed productsConsumer trends shift for the better

Roy Morgan research reveals a significant shift in buying habits: fewer people are today purchasing factory-farmed products!

Cruelty free goes mainstream10 Cruelty-free goes mainstream

More cruelty-free alternatives to animal products are hitting supermarket shelves,including Fry’s new range of tasty meat-free treats. Vegetarian and vegan options — once difficult to find — now demand more shelf space as a growing number of Australians opt for kinder, more sustainable products.

And that’s not all.

The Make it Possible campaign continues to forge change for animals. Every single day we are reaching over one million people with the truth about factory farming — on the backs of taxis around the country, and online around the world. We could never have built such momentum, or achieved critical milestones for animals, without the generous support of Make it Possible donors. We cannot thank you enough.

On behalf of the animals, thank you.Because they deserve more…

The next 12 months will be defining for Make it Possible. Having achieved so much in two short years, we must now look further, and aim higher. So in 2015 we will not only continue to raise public awareness… We will not only seek more commitments from retailers and fast food giants… We will tackle the root cause of factory farming itself: Australia’s unsustainable demand for animal products. And in doing so, reduce the demand that has forced farmers to cram animals into ever smaller and crueller confines.

We believe in a world without factory farming — a world where every animal, regardless of whether society deems them ‘friend’ or ‘food’, is afforded a life worth living.

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