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Follow up to my post yesterday on International Violence Against Women Day


This will be a short post. As I shared my post on Facebook and Twitter last night I was contacted by a gentlemen whose first comment was How about a non Violence to Both Genders? The link is below

I initially wholeheartedly agreed and you can see my comments in the link above.

I have since taken the time to read many of the articles that the site he pointed a link to, as I believe in giving everyone a voice a I have NEVER wanted my site to be a place to advocate hating men. I am not going to give this site a voice by putting up its link up, because while I think men do sometimes get a bad rap, any site that says the statistics for violence against women are made up by rampant feminists or that women can somehow be held accountable for rape because we don’t do self-protection training, is definitely not a voice I want to hear. 

I actually felt sick reading most of the articles. I know everyone has the right to a point of view but this one was one I simply don’t want to listen to. I choose to vote with my fingers on this one. 



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