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Last night I went to a 50th birthday celebration of a friend and had the privilege of seeing true love in all it’s glory.

It was 2 of my gay friends. I hate having to even categorise them as “gay” because as I have said in a earlier post, to me the word “friend” is the most one of the most important words in my vocabulary and it just so happens that several of the people in my life I love the most, just happen to be gay. The only reason I use it in the post, is because my point today is that prejudice and judgement against these amazing people has always been such a mystery to me. I have always had friends who were gay and it has NEVER even crossed my mind that they were any different from any of my other friends other than for their own personalities. All of my friends have unique characteristics that make me love them. Who they love or sleep with is simply not a factor.

I have never understood why any part of society feels it has the right to judge or even comment on who anyone loves or sleeps with. When you look at the important things that impact you on a daily basis, like having a job, friends, family, your pets, how can who someone you don’t even know, sexual or love life even matter? It’s a bit like how people make judgements on all sorts of stereo types, like obesity or people with physical disabilities. Why do you even care, What gives you the right to JUDGE. My mantra is to always try to be kind because you just never know someone elses story and what they are going through. I remember lying on Bondi Beach one day next to 2 rather stunning very “skinny” girls in itsy bikinis when a rather bigger girl walked past and they yelled out “quick call Green Peace to roll the whale back in”. Well I walked up to those girls and gave them the lecture of their lives. I said how would you feel if that girl went home and committed suicide or developed an eating disorder due to that mean comment you just made, why was it necessary?. I actually think they were sorry and it hopefully taught them a lesson. What is the saying ” all it takes for evil to occur, is for 2 good men to do nothing”.

Kamahl also had a great saying “why are people so unkind?”.

The world today is filled with such religious hatred and war and violence, based on books written so long ago by men, who were fundamentally good but had views based on the way society was then. Throughout the course of history there had been so much destruction and violence based on interpretation of these books, some amazing cultures were even totally destroyed like the INCA’s during the spanish inquisition. I truly believe if those good men were around today, they would write different books, with much more compassion and tolerance. 

I saw a love last night that I rarely see among my “married”, “heterosexual” friends and to me it is something to be celebrated and grateful for and it made me go home feeling good about life and that love is actually possible.  Thankyou my friends

BURT BACHARACH said it bestlove1

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

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