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Welcome to all the Women in our World. 

Hi my name is Carmel

This site is a place where I share my stories and allow you to share yours. I want this site to focus on real issues for women in the world today and how we feel about them, and not just how we look.  I will share many of my own life’s experiences, but I want you to share yours as well. Sometime we feel as if we are the only one who think or feel things, but often when we share them we find we are not so crazy after all.

I hope my stories:laughing emoticon

  • Make you laugh
  • Sometime makes you cry
  • Entertain you
  • Inform you

Some of my common topics include:

  • Being diagnosed and dealing with cancercry
  • My travel and adventures stories
  • My relationships with family and friends
  • My own views on Global issues

I want the site to

  • Give you a place to express your own feelings with no judgementzack1
  • Helps you to find links on woman’s issues
  • Helps you to find links to important support sites
  • Read about things impacting women around the world today

I am passionate about a lot of things but the 4 most important are:

  1. Global women’s issues and the way woman are treated around the world
  2. Animals is general but especially any kind of animal cruelty
  3. My family and friends
  4. Shopping 🙂

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3 Comments on Welcome to Women in our World

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  3. Tomorrow I intend to wag more and bark less.

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