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Welcome to my Woman in our World Shopping Mall

Firstly this page and the associated sites will be difficult to read on a mobile phone. It will work but it will be a much more enjoyable experience as you sit back with a nice drink (preferably champagne) and relax in front of your Computer or Tablet and go shopping.

I have searched all the possible suppliers, to try to give you shopping access from all around the world to products to.

  • make you feel and look beautiful
  • give you access to ‘animal cruelty free products where possible
  • give you access to green’ and ‘organic’  products where possible
  • give you access to free trade’ products made by women around the world, to aid in improving female impoverishment and that give to global female education and empowerment

The variety ranges from the amazing free trade collections of GlobeIN and Cake by Night, where the locals from all over the world benefit from these projects, to every kind of clothing, shoes and accessories, high-end jewellery and even something for your best friend the Pooch.

I have made your internet shopping experience easier and safer by choosing a group of affiliate sites that are already vetted for safety and reliability.

Of course I make  money from any sale you make from these sites, so it’s important to remember to always come back to this link to get access to the store, if you fall in love with any of the stores I have provided access to. The prices remain the same whether you access the store direct or via me.

Sites can be accessed from the Menu or by clicking on the links below or just go to the menu Under Shopping and click on any shop that interests you. Each link takes you to an introduction to that vendor.

There are Shops for Clothing and Accessories, Swimwear, Jewellery, Health & Diet Products, Home-wares, even something for your best friend the Pooch. Don’t forget to checkout my Travel sites where you can go to Hotels Combined, Cheap air and several amazing Tour Companies. 


Ground Floor

Clothing & accessories



  Going Up

 Level One



   Going Up

 Level Two

Diet and Health

Fantastic Travel Links

  • Click below to links for Hotels Combined, Cheap Air and several great tour companies
  • Cheap Air                   –  Cheap Air
  • Hotels Combined    – Hotels Combined
  • Viator                     – Viator
  • Affordable Asia        – Affordable Asia
  • Apple Vacation        – Apple Vacations

Jewelry & Accessories

Bellagio                        –  Bellagio Jewelry

Bowie Accessories (AU) – Bowie Accessories

Condura (AU)                 – Condura

Colette Hayman (AU)     – Collette Hayman

Other Links                  –  Other Links

Pet Products for your Best friend

Links – Pet Products


  Going Up

  Level Three

Globe-In Free Trade Site Links- GLOBE-IN

Beauty Products

Magazine Subscriptions

iSUBSCRiBE (AU)                 – iSUBSCRiBE (AU)

Home and Eco Products

Ha-Ra (AU)                             – Ha-Ra

BioME Eco Friendly               – BioMe

Izzz (AU)                                 – Izzz (AU)

jfahr                                        – jfahr

Kitchenware Superstore          – Kitchenware Superstore (AU)

 Table King (AU)                     – Table King (AU)

Reebok Sports Store (USA Shoppers only) – Reebock


All of the shops deliver internationally some with free postage and most will transfer to the currency you desire.

I will be adding new stores all the time as my shopping mall expands


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  1. Loold like there is something for everyone

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