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About Bellagio

For over 7 years Bellagio Jewelers – The Diamond Super Store has been one of the most trusted names in the jewelry industry. At Bellagio Jewelers – The Diamond Super Store we offer exquisite diamond rings and loose diamonds of top-grade quality at competitive prices. We search the major markets of the world, eliminating the middle man which allows us to pass on the savings to you. We take full advantage of many decades of experience dealing directly with major diamond cutters of the world. Our volume buying power and reputation give us a unique advantage to offer you the best value possible. Bellagio Jewelers is committed to make every customer “feel at home” with our personalized service and our classic to cutting edge jewelry designs. Our years of experience and services have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers.

Bellagio’s Promise

We realize that individual taste, styling and design are extremely important to you when you decide to make your jewelry purchase. Our aim is to provide quality services and products with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our globally sourced designs help to express your unique personality and suit your lifestyle. We will personally help you to select the exact style & design that will celebrate the important occasions and milestones of your life.

Bellagio’s Service

All Bellagio’s products come with the service and quality upon which we have built our reputation over the last 7 years. We offer our customers a wide range of designs to celebrate the important moments of their life. Our personal relations with our customers have grown over the years and we value the trust you have placed upon us. We help you to select the perfect style to suit your lifestyle. For us no question is too insignificant. You will receive our personal service and detail attention to every purchase you will make.

Bellagio’s Products

We have a fabulous collection of classic to cutting edge jewelry designs and unique styles that nurture your emotions and enhance the joy of gift giving and receiving. The inspiration for our jewelry designs comes from our customers as well as the jewelry trade shows that we attend to source the latest and most innovative jewelry products from across the globe. At Bellagio Jewelers – The Diamond Super Store, you will find a wide selection of fine jewelry, from exquisite Bridals, gorgeous Fashion Rings, beautiful Earrings & Pendants, to attractive Bracelets as well as many Unique and Custom Styles. Our spectacular range of jewelry is studded with a variety of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, pearls, aquamarine and other semi-precious gemstones. We have a stunning collection of gold and silver jewelry as well as many watch brands to provide you a wide range to choose from for every occasion.

Bellagio’s Quality

Bellagio Jewelers – The Diamond Super Store guarantees you full satisfaction and value for your money. We are obsessive about quality. We deal with the finest manufacturers across the globe that follows the highest standards of workmanship. We inspect every piece of jewelry and makes sure it follows our strict internal standards of quality control. Our approach makes it possible to offer our customer ultimate satisfaction from every perspective, be it precious metal casting, stone setting, polishing, finishing, style & designs or before & after sales services. No question is too insignificant. You will receive personalized service and you can expect our strict attention to every detail.

Bellagio’s People

When anybody asks: Why buy from Bellagio Jewelers – The Diamond Super Store? Our proven record of accomplishment makes us the best choice as your personal jeweler. Bellagio’s people are qualified experts in the jewelry industry, with vast knowledge of jewelry design and services. Some of Bellagio’s staff members are GIA Degree holders and continue to update themselves of the latest trends and developments in the jewelry industry. We assure you that your visit with us will be a pleasant and if you should become a customer, than you will always remain a satisfied customer.

Bellagio’s Value

As your prime source for fine jewelry, we promise to give you the best value for your time and money. Choose from our wide selection of timeless & fashion forward designs that fulfill your unique lifestyle or occasion at the most competitive rates coupled with our personal before & after sales services. We promise that you will be happy with your experience with us.

Bellagio’s Community Service

Since our inception, Bellagio’s has been an integral part of the local community in the Fort Worth region. We deem it as our moral responsibility to generously give back in time and money to our local community. We are charitable partners with many local and national non-profit agencies and social service organizations. We are most proud to be one of the sponsors for the local chapter of the Salvation Army to provide for needy members of our community.

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