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Born from freedom, color, movement and kindness, CAKE Clothing creates clothes that tell a story. These stories belong to the beautiful, talented and intricate hands that shaped them, and they are woven into every piece. Every garment represents a journey. The journey we have been on to bring it to you and of course, your own journey each time you wear it. Each piece of CAKE clothing is a loving collaboration between the imagination, beauty and eclectic nature of our own designs and the color and energy of India.

Our clothes reawaken the soul, release your inner-gypsy and bring a sophisticated bohemian beauty to your wardrobe. They are clothes for wearing and wandering. For finding adventure or stillness in. They are not just gorgeous pieces created in natural materials that allow you to feel freedom of movement. They are stunning, eclectic and ethically made looks designed to make you feel beautiful, worldly and vibrant.

Ethically Cake

“Mera naam Ugam hai. I was born in a beautiful and peaceful village called Mandala near Dehli. For many generations my family were embroiderers there, and it was where my mother first taught me. I have been employed here at the factory for 9 years where I can share my love of embroidery with you by creating many special pieces for CAKE. I hope you enjoy wearing and admiring my work…”

English translation of a conversation in Hindi with Ugam, in Jaipur, India July 2013. “Mera naam Ugam hai” translate from Hindi to “My name is Ugam” in English.

Ethically CAKE is a project focused on promoting and celebrating fair pay, fair conditions and fair practice within the factories where CAKE is manufactured. In July of 2013, the HB Studio team began the Ethically CAKE project right at the source. Interviewing and talking to many of the workers in our factories, we began to get an understanding and first hand insight into what working life is like for our staff. It was then that we decided it was incredibly important to share some of these stories and people with our CAKE customers.

CAKE garments are all made in Jaipur, India, by 2 of the biggest manufactures in the city. Both have extremely high reputations both internationally and at a local level for treating their workers fairly and with respect. This is an extremely important standard that we at HB Studio are focused on maintaining and encouraging. The ETHICALLY CAKE project highlights just a few of the beautiful people behind the garments that we sell, from our Master G’s to the ladies who do the hand embroideries, we visited our factories in Jaipur, and interviewed these incredible people about working in one of the biggest international industries buried in the fast paced lifelines of Jaipur, India.

In today’s society, as a global intolerance to slave labor is growing, it is more important than ever for brands and companies to be a part of a better future that encourages, supports and demands fair trade practices. After tragedies like the Bangladesh Sweatshop collapse earlier this year, and the exposing of hundreds of slave labor factories around the world, the modern consumer is more aware than ever, and looking for brands and products that are actively working towards better standards and practices.


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