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Being a single Mum of 2 boys with Autism

This was written by Lauren Watts

I am the single mother of two boys both diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder as it is now all currently classified under the same umbrella.

It’s certainly not that simple being the parent of autistic children because its a 24 hour a day job being a parent of an autistic child.

I have been forced to stay home because of multiple appointments each week, illness and sleepless nights, weeks, or let’s face it months turn to years as it stands now.

Children with autism can react to stimulus that would not affect other “neuro-typical” kids. In school] there’s a lot of sensory processing going on around them which they both react differently to and have separate coping mechanisms when it’s a situation in which they are actually able to struggle through. But mostly for my 7year old there’s a lot of noise, and for his 4 year old brother there’s always too much going on.

The kids on the autism spectrum, see and hear and know absolutely every single thing that’s going on around them.

In social situations, which first of all is their biggest trigger, … it’s difficult for them to understand. They don’t process things and understand things, body language or the normal things that neuro-typical kids learn naturally.

They do need a lot of extra supports, a lot of extra early intervention for things that most parents wouldn’t even think of to consider in their day to day functions.

For me the emotional and psychological costs of their diagnosis has impacted on my families well beyond finances. I’ve lost friendships, I’ve lost the ability to visit friends and invite friends over simply whenever I would like.
There’s been a huge amount of strain on my family because of my childrens lack of flexibility, controlling behaviour caused by anxiety and hyper-sensitivity to all sensory input.

I sometimes wish that other parents would make an effort to become more informed as Autism cuts across every socio-economic demographic from highest to lowest, and your extremely ignorant if you think you will never have anything to do with a child on the Autism Spectrum.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

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