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Beware the word “free” on the internet

Nothing in Life is Free

freessampleI am usually a cynic but have always had a bit of a weak spot for the word FREE. It has only been in the past 3 years that I have beaten my absolute addiction to Estee Lauder’s and Clarin’s, 4 times a year offers for “get free Pack” every time you spend $xxx. I think when I sold my house 3 years ago I must have found at least 100 little make up bags that came with these so-called free gifts. No matter that I had a makeup cabinet filled to overflowing and had actually no NEED for anything new, these offers were for to me a terrible addiction. I have now beaten THAT particular addiction. 🙂

I am still somewhat of a sucker for the buy one get one free freeoffers or the 2 for $xxx offers I can’t tell you how many times I have to empty my fridge and pantry from that very cheap second thing that I couldn’t possible use in the correct time frame. Regardless of the fact that just buying one of what I needed  would have cost $3 and buying 2 cost $4, and the fact that I inevitably throw the second one out I am still attracted to these offers and am trying to beat myself again of this bad habit.

5 weeks ago I got sucked into an add-on Facebook for a Miracle Anti Wrinkle FREE sample. I clicked on the link and it took me to the following link.

You have to be really careful and read that really little print underneath the green bit. You think you are only paying for a free trial and only have to pay for postage.  I signed up for both the creams because THE SECRET was that you had to use both products together. Due to the fact that it is coming from the US to Australia via snail mail and has to be checked by customs I received the cream about 12 days ago. It is OK. I think it is exactly the same as the last greatest one Dragon’s Blood. Last Wednesday, only about 10 days after I had received the cream I opened my credit card statement to find I had been charged 2 sets of $103.  I had NOT had my 14 day trial yet. I wrote an angry letter and they basically told me to bugger off.  When I told them I was going to warn everyone I knew, they then offered me 50% back.

I then proceeded to report them to America Consumer complaints and found the following link

This details how many other people have been sucked in and at America Consumer Complaints there were literally 1,00s of complaints about the same thing and the fact that you kept getting charged until you told them to stop.

In my quest to create this website I looked for lots of different tools to assist me. The number of times the word FREE comes up in searches is amazing. Software absolutely Free. So you click on the site, sit there patiently while it loads down and then installs and then happily begin your project. You spend ages on tutorials, start your project, build it and then when you go to actually save it you get watermarks all over the finished product  with a link to a site to now UPGRADE you so-called FREE software for the one and only price of $xxx.95. You have literally just wasted at least 4 hours of your time because if you thought you would need the product again you wouldn’t have searched for Free software to start with.

Where all these so-called CONSUMER WATCH DOGS??????. How is it that these people continue to lie and cheat and steal??

And FINALLY when am I going to learn that you get what you pay for and NOTHING in Life is FREE 🙂 .





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