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A Mouse in the House

Murderer or Necessity

Image006For  the past week I have heard shuffling noises in my kitchen late at night and as you do, you try to think that it is just the wind, anything but a mouse. I have on occasion heard my gorgeous, but rather useless dog Zack (featured on the left), bark at something over the past week whilst I have been in the shower.  I say useless, because whilst he likes to chase and bark at things, when it comes to the crunch, he will in the end just roll over on to his tummy. 🙂 . I have tried to ignore it and hoped it went away.  But 2 days ago when I went to make some toast, I could no longer kid myself it was anything but a mouse. So that night when I heard the noise, I crept into the kitchen and saw the little bugger scurrying along the kitchen ledge and out the window.

I knew then that I had to do something but I am always reluctant to kill any kind of creature (with the absolute exception of spiders 🙂 ). It is also a known fact that there is NEVER just ONE mouse. It is always hard to decide what to do. I hate the idea of poison for 2 reasons, the first being I hate the idea of the little critters dying slowly and painfully somewhere, and equally I hate the idea of wondering where they have gone to die and am I going to find a dead smelly mouse body hidden behind something weeks later.

So yesterdmouseay I bit the bullet and went to the supermarket to look for the best way to go. I found this enclosed, reusable mouse trap, where you didn’t have to lose a finger to set it and you didn’t have touch the mouse afterwards. Very nifty. So last night, I set the trap on the window ledge and went to bed.  I must admit it was hard to go to sleep. I thought I heard a snap and then I could swear I heard something crying.

Sure enough when I got up this morning there was a little mouse in the trap. With all the justification of them spreading disease and being filthy I couldn’t help but feel like a murderer. Poor little thing, I hope it was a quick death. True to the traps advertising, all I had to do was press the lever and empty the tiny little body into the trash. Hopefully it will send a message to his friends and family, Don’t come back to this place, it is dangerous.  Although I will set it again tonight to ensure the message went out,  I hope I don’t have to face another morning feeling like I have just killed Mickey.

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