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My Relationship with the medical profession

This blog is going to be in chapters as it will be very long.

My poor relationship with the medial profession began early on when I first started my period. I almost immediately bleed heavily for about 2 weeks of every month. In those days you almost had to wear a towel or a pad so thick you could barely walk.It made me weak and embarrassed. After about 6 months my Mum took me to our local Doctor who is hind site was an idiot. His response was it would get better when I got pregnant. I was 13 and wanted to punch him in the mouth. Gee I either get pregnant early or suffer this for many years to come. I mean really who tells a 13 year old to get pregnant. At 15 I had pain so bad I was taken back to the same doctor who said he had no clue so he put me in hospital. He said I had a cyst on my ovary and took it off (or so he said) and for good measure took out my appendix just in case.

By the time I was 17 I went on the pill and to some degree this did fix it somewhat.

When I was 24 I went to a gynecologist again for heavy bleeding, a small growth on the inside of my vagina and severe pain. He again put me in hospital and the removed the growth which turned out to be OK and did a D&C.
At my follow up visit he vary casually told me I had severe endometriosis and would probably find it very difficult to have children. He just said it and turned around and dismissed me. He gave me no advice, no counselling just a bill.
I can remember clearly to this day how devastated I was an my beautiful Aunty Helen coming over to my place to sit with me and comfort me.

It made for a very unsure future as a woman and I should have been referred to a counsellor.

So this is the beginning of my long, painful and frustrating relationship with the medical profession.

What about you?

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  1. I like your comments, and of course the Medical profession has moved on since that time. Most of your local surgeries are owned by companies, and the Doctors *must* meet quotas of patients. That translates to: you see a Doctor, he gives you some pills, and moves you on! You will rarely find a Doctor who thorooughly check any allergies, or side effects, that may mean that ‘pill’ is not going to work well for you, or worsen your situation (if you do, hang onto him or her). Otherwise, you join a long queue and wait for up to an hour after your appointment to see the Doctor, spend a few minutes in the office, and are bundled out to pay with no real consultation or discussion.
    I would really love to hear more comments on the Medical profession – they are after all backed by Australia’s strongest union (the AMA) which has massive political clout – and as a business are impossible to criticize in any real sense. Try complaining about the delay to see your Doctor?
    I must add while there are some wonderful Doctors, and I admit life would be very difficult without Doctors to provide some care, but those who take time to provide comprehensive and genuine care are hard to find.

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